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The first reference of something like a wet wipes dates back to the ancient Rus’. Warrior, going to campaign, carried a leather bag, which contained scraps of linen, soaked in a decoction of celandine. In a long campaign warriors could wipe tired body or, if needed, treat the wound.

In China, in dining rooms, were a bowls, where in the water with an orchid petals were soft pieces of cotton fabric. Guests could wipe their faces and bodies with pieces of cotton cloth soaked in fragrant water during long feasts and diplomatic meetings.

Centuries passed. Today, we take wet wipes and it becomes clear, that the essence is the same, only a leather bag and linen scraps replaced by very small and convenient package.

Now, in the age of nanotechnology development, there were non-woven fabric, which immediately began to use in the production of wet wipes. After that, their quality began to improve with each passing year. Parallel to this was improved a technology of packaging materials. So today wipes reaches their perfection. Perfection – wipes from "ASCENSIO".




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