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    Customers who came to the cafe, restaurant, hotel or other business enterprise service sector, always pleased when service is "correct" and there cared for them.

    Individual packaging of disposable wet wipes coated with a proprietary design and company logo, allows people to experience the care that increases customer loyalty by 15-20% and increases popularity of the company among other similar institutions. It's always better when a person is being directly, face to face, with the company's style - keeping in his hands a wet wipe with your logo before you he will use it - that creates a solid psycho-emotional connection with the customer and your service, including its smell too (You didn’t think about it, but every memory has its own smell and when you inhale it, you think about what was associated with it).

                              Using wipes in individual packaging with original styling

                          - one of the most important and most importantly - not expensive marketing courses.

     But sometimes you can use a simple solution - standard wet wipes in disposable packaging. They are made regularly because for them there is a constant demand of the companies for which the firm style does not play a big role, but it is critical the delivery time of wipes.

      In contract production wet wipes can be made with specified materials, color and packaging design, as well with multiple versions of fragrances – from leading Russian and European manufacturers. Minimum delivery party in this case is 1000 pieces.

     In case of contract production it is possible to place production in the Grand-coaches of the passenger company "Turan-Express"!

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